Carver Foundation Projects


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Since —-, the Foundation has raised money to support projects that benefit Carver students.  Partnering with the school administration and teachers to identify needs that would complement the curriculum, the Foundation has provided or supported the items below.


Audio System in Auditorium

Dye Cut Machine

Science Wing

Men of Power

Civil War Reenactments

Security Cameras

Maker Space

Science Club

Chess Club


Women of Power

Academic Bowl

Speech and Debate Team

Permaculture Food Day

Gaga Ball Pit

Graphic Novels

Teacher Team Leaders

Annual Tiberias Video Conference for 7th grade

Israel Exchange Program

National Junior Honor Society

8th Grade Book Giveaway


The Carver Middle School Foundation was formed in 1992 by Tulsa business and civic leaders, parents and supporters.  The Foundation’s primary objective is to support Carver’s students by

  • Organizing alumni and patrons to promote and strengthen Carver Middle School
  • Obtaining grants, donations, gifts and bequests to be used exclusively for the benefit of Carver Middle School, its students and faculty
  • Promoting educational excellence at Carver Middle School by financially assisting programs and projects for the enrichment of Carver Middle Schools’ academic, cultural and other activities

Each school year, the Foundation meets with the Carver Middle School principal to identify priority needs that could potentially be fulfilled with the Foundation’s assistance.  Teachers and certified staff may also apply for individual grants, which are reviewed for applicability of the project and its benefit to the students.


George Washington Carver Middle School
624 E Oklahoma Place
Tulsa, OK 74106